Thursday, 21 May 2015

How Often In Your Travels,

have you seen these?

 hundreds of shipping containers and wondered what all of the colours and logos meant? 

well wonder no, more for just $25 you can solve the mysteries of containers with this pocket sized guide, The Container Guide produced by Tim Hwang and Craig Cannon of the American Container Society, this waterproof, pocket-sized book contains maps, photos, logos, guides and tips to spotting cargo containers on (or off) ships around the world, handily searchable by region, colour and brand, part of the inspiration for this publication was the relative anonymity with which so many of these semi-mysterious companies seem to operate despite their size, amazingly a mere 100 companies control 9 out of 10 containers, 100 companies may seem like a lot, but there are 17 million containers, give or take a few, working their way around the world, you see how useful this guide is, I did not know that and I have not even bought the book yet! 

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