Sunday, 20 May 2018

Are Robots Living Amongst Us?

and if they were, how would we know?

 with robots becoming more lifelike everyday,

 how would you know?

 well this is photographer Niko Photographisme take on what could well be the future in his series of photographs titled “The Robot Next Door”

  the artist depicts a world in which robotic creatures are among us,

 “We live in a world of appearances,” the photographer says of the series, 

 “In the real life and the digital world, We play roles, characters. But appearances are often false or deceptive.” the French artist describes his practice as “humorous, surreal, strange, always something impossible with a touch of credibility.”

and some what frightening in some circumstances, 

and can sometimes even take your job, in the interview with Sophia, it shows how far A.I. has come, if you watch the video till the end of it 'we are being invaded by robots!' will make sense, you heard it here first!

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