Tuesday, 15 May 2018

Keeping To A Street Art Theme,

 who pays for the artists paint and time?

 some artist have patrons I guess, or are funded by various arts councils,

others just have to make it on their own by selling smaller works,
but Pascal ‘PBOY’ Boyart had a novel idea as to how to receive donations from passersby if they appreciated his work, he started adding Bitcoin QR codes to his street murals in November 2017, and he has so far received over $1,000 in cryptocurrency donations from people who just wanted to show their appreciation and support for his art, “I first included a Bitcoin QR code in my work in November 2017,” Boyart told Hard Fork, “I painted a street art piece of a child asking his father ‘Dad, what is money?’ and I placed a QR code at the side of my signature, I wasn’t sure if someone had done this already, but I wanted to see if people could support street artists with donations,

and they did! the French street artists first heard about Bitcoin in 2014, but like so many others, myself included, he didn’t really understand what it really was, thinking of it as just an alternative to PayPal, it was in May of last year, when everyone started talking about Bitcoin, that he started learning more about it, Artnet reports that PBOY took six month off from painting just to study cryptocurrency, and then started incorporating it in his art, all the young artist needed to do was order a laser-cut QR code stencil and spray-paint it next to his beautiful murals, and people started donating to him, so far, he has received 0.11 Bitcoins (over $1,000), but as more and more people get into cryptocurrencies, it’s safe to assume that donations will increase as well, in case you can’t make it to Paris to see PBOY’s murals firsthand, visit his website, apart from Bitcoin, he also accepts Etherium and Litecoin, what a neat idea, now tell me once again what exactly is a Bitcoin, Etherium or Litecoin?

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