Saturday, 19 May 2018

Off Shopping,


 we, despite have a list, always seem to arrive home missing a few items and the last time we were at Friendship it happened again, so back we went,

 in the evening we were out, to the Thepprasit Road weekend night market,

 looking towards Jomtien, clear skies,

 and just a touch of cloud looking inland,

 a selection of home made bags and back packs, 

 the mobile fruit seller doing his rounds, 

 opposite the bar this evening both areas where there are normally 2 stalls now being taken up by Toyota,

 now all of the cross pieces have been welded into place in the steelworks,

 where the durian stall was a few weeks ago, this week the electrical store Num Chai has set up a stall,

 the fruit stall all set up with a group of tourists trying a few of the fruits,

 and we will be trying some of these later this evening,

 the pet section with few if any customers,

 despite being well stocked,

 the aquatic store,

 the owner as cheerful as ever,

 sunset over the market,

 still lots of durians for sale,

 as well as salted bar-b-qued fish, 

 one of the colourful sushi stalls,

 and this is what we are having for our evening meal, 

 ribs roasted in a pot with honey, 

  a new stall for this week,

 the ice cream lady makes a sale,

  one of the mobile food stalls drove past as I sat at the bar,

 as night crept in I noticed some thing different, the money exchange had been moved back, there was now quite a space in front of it,

home, with ribs a plenty as well as some slices of pork with crackling, delicious, after some of the lychee's Diana had bought, it was feet up for a couple of quiz shows,

then our film for the evening Legends of the Fall, it must be me, with such an all start cast I had high expectations, but for myself I found the film a complete bore, pedantic, predictable and slow, so slow, given a choice I would have preferred the epic 4 hour long avant-garde film, taken in one take, Watching Paint Dry, or it's 8 hour sequel, again taken in one take, Watching Paint Dry 2, as I said it must be me, Diana loved the film, and with that we were off to bed.

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