Monday, 28 May 2018

We Were Having A Sunday Roast At Home,

so whilst Diana was busy,

 I took a few pictures of the fish watching me, this a clown loach, (Chromobotia or Botia macracanthus),

 a calico fantail shubunkin, (Carassius auratus auratus), 

and lastly a red line torpedo barb, (Sahyadria denisonii), 

 dinner is served,


 and for today roast beef, which I am happy to say was tasty and tender,

and for desserts a mini Magnum, we listened to music in the afternoon, 

then in the evening it was feet up for The Bourne Legacy (2012), an interesting almost all action movie, if you have seen the others in the series it is pretty much the same, one man outwits, thinks and fights the best that the American government can throw at him, and he wins!

next to round the evening off, an old favorite, Sherlock Holmes, for us a great story, action and special effects, and for myself the music, it somehow brings me back to old London town Woolwich where I was born, for the musical accompaniment, composer Hans Zimmer used a banjo, cimbalom, squeaky violins, a "broken pub piano" and other unconventional instruments such as the Experibass, and somewhere in there I am sure I can hear a hammered dulcimer, here is a piece by Dizzi, and if you are interested in her music, here is her home page, and with the end of the film, we were off to bed.

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