Friday, 25 May 2018

These May Look Like Photographs,

but they are not,

they are Hyperrealism and 3D Art, 

 by Marcello Barenghi, who is an Italian artist,

 as always when I see this type of work,

 I am just amazed at how totally life like the drawings are,

 this crystal is just so transparent, but it is not, if you see what I mean,

he was born in 1969, and is based in Milan, I have been called “The hyper-realist artist of the common things in the era of YouTube”, Potentially I am fascinated by everything, I am used to look at an object taking into account its reflections, the lights, the shadows, its colors and shape. Every single object has its own beauty, also an empty bag of potato chips. I like to decontextualize and make protagonists branded products and objects that accompany us in our daily lives, sometimes from childhood and throughout our life,

and here is some great news for any aspiring artists out there, he is giving tutorials at this web site, and this from the web site, 

I will continue to publish my drawing videos on YouTube, available for free to everyone, as usual. However, if you’d like to support me you’ll get access to Patron-only stuff depending on your level of contribution (see the Rewards column).
Once a month, for example, I will post a step-by-step tutorial video on how-to-draw one of my most popular drawings, lasting about 20 minutes and narrated in Italian with English subtitles.
Taking into account your feedback, I will use funds to make my tutorials more and more effective and of high quality. In addition to the tutorials, I plan to open my school of drawing in order to personally follow and give targeted advice to those who want to learn my technique.

so if you have any talent in the art direction have a look, and no I am not on commission, I just think the drawings are superb.

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