Tuesday, 22 May 2018

At The Moment It Is So Hot Over Here,

they say, you could fry an egg on the pavement, (sidewalk),

but it appears in China it is hotter still, as this picture and video show, 

as this truck speeds along it is so hot in the sun that the eggs start to hatch out as chicks! the video has caused a heated (excuse the pun), debate on Chinese social media, with many complaining about the conditions in which edible eggs are transported, others however pointed out that edible eggs are unfertilized, so it’s impossible for chicks to hatch from them, these are eggs specifically designed for breeding, even so, I’m pretty sure they’re not supposed to hatch on a moving truck, the event took place it is thought in Southeastern China where the area has been experiencing some unusually hot weather for this time of year, as an aside our outside in the shade min/max thermometer recorded a high of 39°C for yesterday, so it was very hot out here.

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