Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Off To The Beach,

to one we had not been to before,

 Prantamack Beach, it is easy to find, 

just go up Prantamack Hill to Soi 5,

 and follow the road down to the beach, 

 near blue skies,

 in both directions,

 out to sea there is a nicely cordoned off area where there swimmers are protected from boats and jet-skies, 

 and we had a guest as well as us, standing on the sewer pipe,

 a heron waiting for a meal, 

 as we watched the sea a procession of boats appeared,

 one of the island ferries,

 was towing a number of speed boats back to Jomtien,

 several of them in tow,

 but this one could not wait for the slow trip back, 

 but they soon disappeared into the distance, it was about this time I realised I had to go to the dentist tomorrow, a loose crown had just fallen out, the trick is not to loose it in the sand!

 later in the afternoon a roll of thunder echoed along the beach, followed by more getting louder and closer,

 we decided to make a move,

although it does not look it, the sky was very dark indeed, and by the time we had reached the top of the road the rain had started, so hard that by the time we stopped and put on plastic macs we were both soaked to the skin, but there it is, we had a great day on the beach and as a great bonus, no noisy jet skis, what a pleasure it was not to spend a day on the beach and listen to them go howling past every few minuets,

after our evening meal and a watching a couple of game shows, then it was time for an evening of Poirot, after a few of those just before midnight we were off to bed.

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