Saturday, 12 May 2018

If There Is One Thing That Goes Missing In Our Home,

it is biros,

 no matter how many tubs of them we buy, and I am looking at an empty tub now, there never seems to be one near by, it is always a hunt through a few drawers until we find one,

well it appears a similar thing occurs at the work place, but this centers around spoons, scientists at an Australian research institute used metal flatware teaspoons, which ‘disappeared’ so replacements were purchased, these replacements in turn disappeared within a few months, so a study was started, they worked out their methods and set up a pilot study, they marked 70 teaspoons with numbers to track them, they found that 80% of the teaspoons disappeared during the study, and the half-life of a teaspoon was 81 days, at that rate, they predicted that 250 new spoons would have to be purchased each year to maintain an adequate supply, extrapolating to the other workplaces of Melbourne, they estimated that 18 million teaspoons could go missing each year, which is amazing, one teaspoon weighs 25 grams, multiply that by 18 million that gives a total of 450 million grams, that is nearly a ton of spoons! but the one question the study does not address, like our biros, where do they all go to? the study was published in the British Medical Journal, and you can read it here.

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