Friday, 11 May 2018

It Looks Like Many Other Homes In The UK,

but the occupant has been drowning cats,

if the evidence of neighbour Paul Burford, who lives 40 meters from the amateur opera singer’s ground floor apartment, is to be believed, he used a smartphone app to record her singing and sent it to the local council as evidence, Burford said that the “erratic opera singing” occurred at 8.30am on February 7 and sounded “like a drowning cat, to be honest”, I wonder how he knows what a drowning cat sounds like? leaving that question to one side the occupant of the house, 48-year-old Heather Webb in Norwich, UK, was recently banned from singing and playing loud music in her apartment, after another neighbor, who lives two floors above Webb’s apartment, said she was watching TV on January 8, with her headphones on, but she could still hear the singer’s “screeching and screaming” neighbors complained that her screeching has reportedly terrorized neighbors in her apartment building with her singing for at least four years, fed-up residents complained about her singing in the summer of 2016 but the council revealed that no further action had been taken against her, in December 2017 she got the two-year Criminal Behaviour Order, leading to yesterday’s court case, the order bans her from ‘engaging in conduct which causes alarm or distress’, it also bans her from ‘playing music, singing, shouting or creating noise at a volume which can be heard outside of her property’, maybe Heather should take singing lessons?

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