Thursday, 17 May 2018

Work Has Started,

on what will be the tallest skyscraper in China, 

and the second tallest in the world, not many details of the design are known and neither is the name of the architect known, but what is known is that the Shenzhen tower is the project of Chinese property developers the Shiamo Group, which has reportedly invested 50 billion yuan (£5.8 billion) in the project, the tower, which is shown in visuals with a rippling facade, will form part of a complex including apartments, offices, a startup incubator, five star hotels, shopping centres, international schools, and a convention, exhibition and performance centre, located in the Longgang district in the eastern part of Shenzhen, the centre is expected to have a floorplan of 321,900 square metres, so how tall is tall? the Shimao Shenzhen-Hong Kong International Centre, will be an imposing 668-metres tall, and no I would not like to go to the top and look down!

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