Saturday, 26 May 2018

It Seems Such A Shame,

when nowadays, 

just one complaint from just one person, can have a knee jerk reaction form a local council, that can detrimentally effect so many others, for the past 30 years Country Properties in Ampthill, an estate agent, has been displayed fundraising event banners, but it has now been threatened with legal action unless it removes them, a letter from Central Bedfordshire Council said Country Properties in Ampthill must take the banners down "immediately" as the building is Grade II listed and in a conservation area, it said there would be a "case for prosecution" if signs remained, Country Properties said the letter was sent after "a single complaint", 

Nick Taylor, manager of Country Properties in Ampthill, said: "I understand the building is listed but the banners are temporary, We are not doing anything permanent to the building, We only put signs up for charity events or local fundraisers, You would think a local authority would support local events." I just hope that all of the people that have benefited from the free advertising that Country Properties so generously has given them over the past 30 years, remembers this at the next council elections.

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