Friday, 18 May 2018

I Enjoy Looking At Orchids,

and watching the art of glass blowing, 

 so it was with great interest that I looked at the craft of UK artist Laura Hart’s studio “My fascination with orchids spans decades and at one point I had nearly seventy in my conservatory, the explosion of color and perfume during the flowering months intoxicate the senses.” 

 Hart’s route to making glass sculptures has been a convoluted path alongside many creative pursuits. “Beginning with oils and canvas at around the age of twelve, treading the boards at seventeen, video production in my twenties and thirties, heritage building renovation, 3D animation design in my forties, and, at last, the glorious world of glass in my fifties,” she says, Each flower is about twelve inches (thirty cm) in diamteter, and takes Hart up to ten days to make. She tries to recreate the species as faithfully and authentically as possible, The artist creates orchid-shaped moulds using 3D modeling and animation software. “The templates for each flower are animated into shapes to simulate glass flow within the kiln to ensure that every flower will slump into the correct shape without stressing the glass in the process,” Hart explains, 

 Hart then cuts each petal individually and uses glass powders and frits for the first firing, “Veining is then applied from hair fine strands of glass created by pulling thin shards of glass through a flame.  There can be as many as six firing processes to achieve the final result. The flowers are then sandblasted to create a satin sheen, and coated with a waterproof spray to bring out the color and prevent finger marks.” the three-dimensional details in Hart’s glass orchids are added from cutting sheet glass which are applied to the petals and re-fired. “Once all the detail and color is applied to each petal they are fused together to create the flat flower shape. Finally, the flower is placed on the mould and fired to slump position.” 

to view more of Hart’s delicate floral sculptures visit her websiteFacebook, and Twitter, and no I am not on commission, I just like looking at orchids and like watching glass blowers work.

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