Wednesday, 16 May 2018

This Brand New Mini,

is a one of a kind,

 special-edition car, designed by the brand's in-house design team, the one-of-a-kind MINI 3-Door Hatch boasts a bold graphic across its roof, as well as a series of personalized details both inside and out, said Oliver Heilmer, who heads up MINI's design team, "Its specially designed roof graphic combines with 3D-printed personalised interior and exterior details as well as special embroidery to make this a MINI like no other," he said,

 a pale shade, called Crystal White, was chosen for the exterior of the one-off design, over this, MINI has added silver-blue stripes to wrap the body of the car and a framing black outline featuring a metallic blue tint, 

 the Union Jack can also be spotted on the rear lights when they are illuminated, accents of colour from the roof graphic are integrated into the head restraints, the steering wheel and trim strips, on the head restraints, there is a pattern that resembles a Union Jack on one side and a Stars and Stripes design on the other, which has been perforated and stitched, well you must have guessed what the car has been created for by now,

here is a clue, when the car is opened, the indicators project the words "just married" onto the ground in front of the driver and passenger doors,

"As an iconic British brand with almost 60 years of history in the UK, we are pleased to mark the royal wedding with this special charitable gift," said Oliver Heilmer, the car is a special-edition to celebrate the marriage of Prince Harry and Megan Markle, it will be donated to a charity chosen by the couple, The Children's HIV Association, for public auction following the royal wedding on 19 May 2018, the video above shows just what attention to detail went into producing this factory one off special.

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