Sunday, 31 August 2008

Fishing at 5

arrived with no problems so the next day it was off to go fishing, we met up with Nick and Maureen at 5 in the morning at the Bali Hai pier, had a quick cup of coffee whilst waiting for Sean, Tip and Jamie to arrive, whilst out at sea it just chucked it down, the rain went one for more than a hour or so, the good news is that we all caught fish, I had two groupers and a golden trevely. Sun rise over Pattaya at 5 in the morning
Nick, Maureen and Diana.

and me! Tip, Sean and Jamie Diana, Maureen and Nick. Royal Cliff from the sea. Jamie with the fish of the day.

Me with the one that did not get away!

Whilst on the way back we passed the now defunct under water restaurant, if you look you will see a low concrete building in front of the beach, well the deal was a boat would take you out there, walk down the steps and have a meal under water looking at the coral reef through glass, trouble was the glass was to thin, when a tropical storm arrived, the whole place flooded and was never reopened. The bait we used was live squid, this is a picture of them in the hold. Nick having a good time another one that did not get away! Another thing I noticed on the way back was what appeared to be a wind farm on the back of Koh Larn, I thought out here solar power would have been a cheaper way to go, but then the "tea money" may have made a difference. we got back about 6 in the evening, then as it was Friday it was shower, shave and out for our usual Friday night meal.

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