Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Day Four,

We Said Our Goodbyes To Siem Reap,

as we made our way past the atrium,

to have breakfast,

by the pool, that we did not have time to use,

a quick stop at the egg station,

for a English breakfast,

for myself and a smaller selection for Diana,

and a glass of bubbly to start the day,

I had a look at some details of one of the vintage care outside,

before booking in,

for our boat trip.

so on to the bus and away we went,

as we made our way,

and the 120 km long Tonlé Sap River,

we would take a small boat first from the jetty,

whilst waiting we had a look around the souvenir shop,

then all aboard,

on to one of the many boats,

like this one,

cast off,

and we were on our way,

past some of the permanent village,

which soon give way,

to the floating villages,

that have schools,

and homes that move around with the seasons,

a boat tour coming back to shore,

the last time we saw the Tara we were here with Jeff and Da,

one of the local population,

as well as schools and homes that move around,

there are shops as well,

I took a few pictures,

of some of the homes,

that we were passing,

in the distance, 

some of the many cruise ships that sail the lake and river system,

and this was our one,

our home for the next 7 days, the Jahan,

we were welcomed aboard by the captain and some the crew,

before we went to our cabin,

the 40 guests assembled in the main lounge,

where we were given a briefing,

about the vessel,

but first a welcome cocktail,

and introductions,

we were then given a slide show,

along with safety instructions,

we were then shown our cabin,

the mini bar,

and coffee machine,

and our own balcony,


Diana was as happy as ever,

well we both were,

Diana was snapping away to put the pictures on her Facebook,

whilst I was doing my 'I see no ships!', routine

we are so looking forward to watching the world go by from here,

the room was everything we expected and more,

everything was just right,

and what a lovely telephone, I should point out the the name of the boat the Jahan was named after Shahabuddin Muhammad Shah Jahan, who built the Taj Mahal, so the boat has a great Indian flavour in its décor,

our journey staring here and finishing on the Mekong begins,

each day there is a program that you can join,

the corridor that leads to our room,

and front door,


the main bar,

next on the menu,

an afternoon buffet,

as we start the 150 kilometre journey,

along the length of the lake,

the food,

as you might expect was first class,

we were,

totally spoilt for choice,

given the décor I went for a curry,

we then went for a stroll around the sundeck,

and soon to be filled swimming pool,

a quick pose,

the forward observation room,

well I had to take a panorama of it!

what a place to send a few quiet hours,

the view from it,

under the room is the wheel house,

and this is the control panel that makes it all go,

and view from the bridge,

anchor chains and capstan,

the sun loungers looked so inviting,

a look at the main lounge,

in the evenings a movie is shown,

key drop,

there are also a couple,

secluded areas,

everyday the ornate scroll holder will have the itinerary for the day in it,

but for today a introduction letter,

using a decorated pen Diana fills our breakfast menu order, we decided to eat on the balcony tomorrow,

this is the life!

we past the dining room,

all made up for tomorrow,

and watched the lake sail by,

after a shower, upstairs to the bar,

for a cocktail,

or two,

we then went downstairs,

 for a short video,

 about Cambodia,

 its customs and history,

 then a little more about the Jahan and its 39 crew,

 a complete over view of our trip,

 and the distances we will travel on our way to Saigon,

 on to our evening meal,


 what a selection,

 I had to have some of this,

 pork rolled in pepper,


 after our meal,

 we took a stroll,

 around the deck,

 we then popped down to our cabin,

 where Diana had a read,

 and I had a few ZZZZZZs,

 waking up I noticed the moon was really quite red,

 I have not retouched the pictures at all it really was for a time this colour,

  you may have noticed we have not posted for some time, this is because we only have a Internet signal when the boat has anchored near a large town, there is no connection when the boat is moving and naturally when the boat is anchored we are off onshore on a trip, also it takes some time to make a large post so we will not post again until we are back in Pattaya, but be warned there will be lots of pictures when we do post! we watched the moon for sometime at the end of our first day on board, then with that we were off to bed.

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