Thursday, 15 April 2010

60 Years And Still Going Strong-ish!

yep, bus pass any day now! Diana had bought me a Songkran shirt for my birthday and Steve and Kai had sent a card from the UK which all of my friends at the shop had signed,
just love the shirt,
Diana decided not to dress up as we though we would get a bit wet on the way into town, but I did!
Diana all set to go,
but before we left we bumped into Dang who very kindly gave me a bottle of Jack for my birthday, naturally we had a drink or two before going to Walking Street,
which was very busy, also I was happy we did not get soaking wet, it appears the water throwers were having a night off,
we had arrange to meet Tom this evening in Living Dolls, he had very kindly bought a bottle of special reserve vodka along as a present, many thanks Tom,
after a few there it was off to Sweethearts, where surprise, surprise a 60th. birthday cake appeared, again many thanks to Tom and Grieg, also there were Eric along with Mick and Mass, well the drinks flowed faster than we could drink them, it was then time to stagger along to see Juu in Champions who after more than a few more gave us a lift home,
then home feet up to watch a DVD or two, both The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, first The Greek Interpreter, it was strange to say the least to find out the action happened in Beckenham where I have lived for a number of years, about 25, or so, there are a few pictures of the park where I have my place in the UK here, but I did not recognize any of the places in the film, then in as Diana says 'a scary dairy' moment, the villain had my surname, so the crime was in Beckenham and with my name on it! after the finish of that one we decided to watch one more, just over the hill from Beckenham there is a place called Norwood and the site for another Holmes adventure The Norwood Builder, it was strange to hear familiar places mentioned, then off to bed.

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