Monday, 26 April 2010

I Had A Quiet Day Today,

but in the afternoon John called over for a tea and a chat,
after putting the world to rights it was soon time to meet Eric for a meal in the evening,
so it was off to a quiet Walking Street,
we decided to go to one of the restaurants at the far end of the street, so it was past the big tree on the right,
past the Right Spot on the left,
and Food Fair on the right,
to Rasputin's on the left, named after the famous or should I say infamous Grigory Efimovich Rasputin,
not a particularly good picture, but this was the inside,
'Cheers!' from us both, the meal was a tad expensive at 400 baht+ for a steak, also the new chef did not understand that starts are normally served before the main course not after it!
then a couple of vodkas at the Simon beer bar complex,
Eric had not been to Peppermints for some time so a trip upstairs was in order, on our way out we meet up with Harry, so it was decided to have another go on the magic roundabout in Soi Diamond,
I gave the camera to one of the ladies in the bar, above is the unstaged shot,
and this is the posed shot, for some reason the lady took great delight in taking this shot of the top of a seat,
and this was the lady that took the pictures, I was going to take a picture of the neon signs outside the go-go bars in the street, but was told that my camera would be taken off me by the Thai owner as he does not want tourists taking a picture of the outside of his go-go, I know you can not take pictures inside a go-go, but I had thought that the pretty neon signs outside in the street were OK, but it appears not, so I will not be going there then!
it was then off to see Grieg in Sweethearts, on our way we saw this lady posing with a young tourist,
and the lady without the tourist, after Sweethearts Eric left for a walk around, whilst Harry and myself settled into Champions for a few there, then off home and to bed.

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