Tuesday, 13 April 2010

We Had A Lazy Day Today, The Water Tanks Were Finished, The Workers Gone Home,

and the water fights in Pattaya had begun!,
so we did not go out, the problem with the Songkran festival is that too many people take it too seriously, huge amounts of water thrown at everybody even when you are riding a bike, during the day Owen called round we had not seen him for several months, so a news catch up was in order, after he left we stayed indoors, we will have a few days in, the good news is that Diana decided to try cooking some Thai food for our evening meal,
and very tasty it was too, bacon wrapped around prawns, with a garlic and prawn stir fry served with rice, followed by a fresh mango,

after our evening meal Mark called round with an early birthday present,

well two in fact, at the top was a set of Royal Mail Mint stamps from 1983, below them a complete cigarette card set of Sea Fishes, all 50 of them,

the card set came in this cigarette box all from 1935, 15 years before I was born! many thanks to Mark for such a interesting present,

then it was feet up for a couple of DVD's, first the Life of Brian, so funny for us Diana enjoyed it immensely, a motion picture destined to offend nearly two thirds of the civilized world, and severely annoy the other third, I could not have said it better myself! whilst watching the DVD Diana asked where it was filmed or was it a set?
well a lot of the outside locations were filmed in the Kasbah of Sousse and The Ribat, Monastir, in Tunisia,
next Yes Minister, The Greasy Pole, I hate to say it, but it is so much like real life it could be true! then before bed a episode of "The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes" The Crooked Man, in those times we had a presences in India, this episode was about a returning long thought dead hero,
as the pictures did not turn out to well I have scanned the fish stamps to put on the blog, the front, and the back, the cigarette box the cards came in, three of the 50 cards in the set,
and the descriptions on the back of the cards, I cannot remember cards in cigarette packets, although we all collected them, but later we all used to make our families drink tea for the cards that came in boxes of tea, primarily Brooke-Bond and Hornimans whose museum is just over the hill at Crystal Palace in South East London, I went there many times as a child.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Stan, hope you have a great day.

TQ2 Alf.

PattayaStan said...

Dear Alf, many thanks, I hope you had a safe flight and will be back soon, I will be having a party on the 28th. June but I will confirm nearer the time as it is Diana's birthday then as well, hope you can make it, looking forward to seeing you soon, best regards, Stan and Diana.