Saturday, 3 April 2010

What Was Wrong With The Chrome Finish,

was it just a bit to flash?
I guess so for Blackburn striker El Hadji Diouf famous for his chrome £420,000 Mercedes,
as it is now covered in white vinyl, Diouf parked outside Rio Ferdinand's Rosso restaurant in Manchester as he had dinner with boxing champion David Haye, now if there are any traffic cops out there reading this why has he not been given a ticket for,
1 parking on double yellow lines,
2 parking on the wrong side of the street facing oncoming traffic,
3 parking with a wheel off the road and on the kerb,
if it was me with luck like mine, I would be ticketed, car impounded and appear before hanging judge Jeffreys the next day! but of course he is famous, so no problems there then!

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