Wednesday, 21 April 2010

By The Time You Read This,

Diana will be with her folks in the Philippines, but first the start of the day, off to the bank, the streets after the excess water of yesterday are now drying up, this is looking towards the sea in Pattayaland Soi 3/1,
along Second road towards the temple,
and towards Central Road, not a water gun to be seen, almost as soon as I returned Jay and Precil called by to wish Diana a safe trip,
after a few teas and coffees, Keith from the burglar company ESC, called in as he was going past for a chat as well, the time just flew by,
then it was time to go to the airport, we stopped at the service center on the way up for a coffee,
thanks to the late flying time there was little traffic, plus the new road clipped a few minuets from our time, so soon we were at the airport,
I must admit the new airport looks so new and modern, it is a pity Heathrow looks so shabby by comparison,
just before check-in there is a nice flower display,
then bye-bye and see you soon, I will be flying out to say hi to the family next week for a few days, Diana is going out before me to spend some time with her folks and to see her sister graduate from college,
whilst we were there a huge cheer was heard from the far end of the concourse, so I guess a flight was allowed to take off, then as I past this group at the Thai check-in another huge cheer went up, I guess flights to the UK have just restarted, then home, but as I went past the toll booth yet again a policeman had hauled over another mini bus and was extracting another 'toll' just like when we returned from the river Kwai, tourists you are so wanted and welcomed in Thailand! the good news is that I waited up till 4.00 this morning for Diana to call and she did, she had a safe trip and is at her folks home, so for me it was time for bed.

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