Thursday, 8 April 2010

Smaller Bins On The Way,

as the bin police get tougher on you, it appears that some councils are expecting families to generate less waste and recycle more, for those that do not there will be £100 on the spot fines, worse still, I did not know this, you can get a court prosecution that will give you a criminal record, the new targets for councils mean it will be up to each town hall how they persuade families to reduce their rubbish or increase recycling, of course the amount will vary according to where you live, in Camden, North London, households will be allowed to leave out 483kg of rubbish a year - just over 9kg a week, but in the East London borough of Havering, the target will be 809kg for each home, nearly 16kg a week, in Gateshead in the North East, families will be required to recycle 30 per cent of their rubbish, but in Leicestershire, the target will be 48.6 per cent, so I guess when you are thinking of moving house one of the questions will be 'what's my waste allowance?' 9kg in Camden or 16 kg in Havering? Havering here I come! no wait a minuet, I prefer it here.

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