Saturday, 24 April 2010

Yesterday It Was Fresh Water Fishing,

today off into the deep blue, we had a late start, loaded up Mick and Mass's boat with fishing tackle, beer, bait, beer, petrol, beer and did I mention we brought a few beers along,
we just sat in the boat, one of the tractor guys then hooks it up,
we had to wait for one boat to be taken out of the water, all we had to do was wait a few moments,
and we were off!
past lighthouse point,
and to the other side of Koh Larn in a little over 20 minuets,
rods ready for action and a nice cooling breeze in our faces,
there must have been huge forces at work over here to shape the rocks like this, the strata being twisted every which way,
Captain Mick readying the anchor,
and me with a beer,
we dropped the fish a line, but nobody picked up!
so after some time there we decided to change our spot, near to Koh Larn is this private island,
strictly no landing here! so we went to the side of it and started fishing again, but again with no luck, by now it was late afternoon so we made our way back, another great day on the sea,
on our way back we went along the bay to gave a look at some of the boats moored there, a bit out of my price range this one!
now this is more like it, about 600,000 baht, only problem is you have to pay the live aboard Captain 5,000 baht a month,
then back to Bali Hai pier,
a side of Walking Street many may not have seem, on the left Pattaya Beer Garden,
one of the restaurants over looking the sea,
by now it was getting late, so as we took our time a few boats came roaring past us,
one of the many dive boats we had seen earlier,
one of the many fishing boats for hire,
now the tricky bit, the trailer is backed into the water,
then at speed you aim for the middle of the trailer, too little speed and your boat is not on the trailer far enough and fails off, too much speed and the front of the boat smacks into the retaining piece of metal at the front of the trailer, damaging the boat, not to mention scaring the bejeezus out of the guy that is sitting on the tractor!
but Captain Mick got it right first time, so off to park the boat up,
the fees here depend on the size of the boat, for a 5 meter boat it is 2,500 baht a month, with the boat being taken out and brought back on the trailer as many times as you wish, the fee also includes as much freshwater to wash the boat off after use as you need,
when we arrived back at Mick's house Mass had made a huge salad for us, followed by a beef Masam curry, I must admit I had more than a good appetite when we arrived, some thing about being on a boat most of the day always makes me hungry,
no sooner had I got back it was time for the Friday night market, no new orchids this week or fish for that matter,
the new stall at the end of the row was still looking good,
this week the place was packed,
I was about half an hour later than normal, but I just could not believe the crowds that were here,
then home at last, I was greeted by the most beautiful smell, our jasmine had excelled itself again, there was hardly a breeze so the fragrance was very strong, a cup of coffee, feet up to watch a few episodes of Judge John Deed then off to bed.


Anonymous said...

hello Stan
do you still reside in the VIP seats in TQ2 looks like uve lost some weight mate

PattayaStan said...

Dear Anonymous, we have not been into TQ2 for a couple of years, it some how lost its sparkle after Steve died, many friends have also said that they could just not go there as it brought back so many memories, on a happier note 'thank you' for the compliment, but I have increased my weight to 87 kilos, not as bad as the 99 I weighed before, but I am afraid 5 or 6 over what I would like to be, diet starting next week! best regards from Stan and from the Philippines Diana.