Wednesday, 21 April 2010

When I Saw Picture I Almost Thought It Was April Fools Day Again,

a bike lane wider than the lane for cars, although it is legal to cross the dotted white lines it dose pose a bit of a dilemma for car, lorry and bus drivers, if a cyclist is on the extreme right hand side of the cycle lane going up Constitution Hill in Poole, Dorset any over taking lorry will face oncoming traffic going down the hill, the 6.5ft-wide cycleway takes up more than half the available space, forcing drivers to squeeze their vehicle into the remaining 4.5ft, safety experts have raised fears that such confusing markings could force drivers to veer on to the wrong side of the road, one driver said: 'It's utterly ridiculous, the cycle lane is wide enough to stage the Tour de France.' Poole Council described the lane as 'advisory' and said cars could enter it, Steve Dean, principal engineer, said: 'The cycle lane is designed to encourage motorists to give more room to cyclists as they tackle the steepest section of Constitution Hill', still at least it is clearly marked, or is it? 'the lane has been marked in accordance with national guidance but further signs and cycle logos are scheduled to be added and we hope this will make the situation clearer for all road users', said Steve, so that's alright then!

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