Thursday, 22 April 2010

On Friday I Am Going Sea Fishing With Mick,

one of the things we did not have was a grapple anchor, this is a anchor that you use it to anchor in rocks, the hooks straighten out when you pull it up when it snags on the rocks, so it was off to the boat yard to buy one, I tried in the welding shop on Theprsitt Road but was told 'no have iron' I guess the job was too small for him, so I will not be going back there again, so I called in the boat yard, nearly opposite, the boss was out for 10 minuets so I had a look around, at some of the work going on, I had thought that most of the speed boats in Pattaya were made of fiber glass, but looking round here I think most are made of wood,
any way I waited for half an hour or so,
I then decided to drop my dry cleaning off who knows when the boss was going to come back, the shop I use is in Pattaya Tai,
outside the shop looking towards the junction of Pattaya Tai and Third Road,
I gave up on the idea of buying a grapple for the boat so I bought a gaff instead, later I called round to Mick and Mass's house to drop it off, also there was John, Bee, and Mass's sister Ohm,
Mick and Mass very kindly asked me to stay for a beef stew, which was delicious,
'Cheers!' from Bee, Mick, myself and John,
then home wash, save and a shower then out on the town as it was Wednesday night, a very quite walk past the Marine Plaza,
the front of Coyotes has become a smoking parlour,
a quite Soi Blues Factory considering it was now 10.00 in the evening,
but Walking Street was a bit busier,
into Sweethearts where I meet up with Grieg, Mick and Mass, Bee and Ohm, Jay and Precil after more than a few in there we went to see Juu in Champions, Big Jim had arrived before us so we joined him, then home and off to bed, just a quick note to the kind soul that picks me up on my spelling, if you read my replies we have all established that I am dyslectic, that is why I can not tell the difference between as you pointed out, minutes and minuets, quite and quiet, they all look the same to me, but the reason that I did not publish your comment is that there are a few things that I will not put on our blog, you using foul language is one of them, I am happy to make fun of my many short comings, but please do not use offensive language when you do.


Anonymous said...

Sorry about the bad language. I had not appreciated that you are so sensitive.
By the way, shortcoming is one word, not two!!

PattayaStan said...

Dear Anonymous, many thanks for moderating your language, you must remember that our blog is read by Diana's family in the Philippines, some of whom are her younger brothers and sisters, which is why we keep it a family blog, again my poor grammar has let me down, but still no word from you over a couple of grammar mistakes I have deliberately made in every blog since we started blogging, let me know when give up looking for them and I will tell you what they are! best regards, Stan and from the Philippines, Diana.