Thursday, 15 April 2010

Can Idiots Really Be Protected By Health And Safety Laws?

well the answer seems to be yes, in a scene from Laurel and Hardy - imagine man puts ladder against a branch to cut it off but he is left handed so man number 2 two goes up ladder, cuts off branch neither noticing that the ladder is placed on the branch that will when cut off no longer support the ladder - cue basic law of gravity, any unsupported object will fall to the ground, bring on health and safety and what do you get? a court case! yesterday it emerged that Mr Aspinall, who has been off sick since the accident 18 months ago, is suing Egerton House Hotel, near Bolton, for his injuries, a court ordered the hotel to pay £2,015 after a health and safety investigation concluded that the owners had failed to carry out a 'risk assessment' on the dangers of sawing a tree branch with a ladder against it and should have trained Mr Aspinall and a colleague on where to place the ladder, OK, I get it, before doing any job you have to go to common sense classes! still it could of been worse the owner might have had the wrong crayfish on the menu!

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