Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Most Nights Whilst Watching TV We Have Some Fresh Fruit,

strawberries being our favorite, but also apples, pears, mangoes etc, but lately there has been none of the Thai grown strawberries in Friendship where we normally shop, so it was to the Wat Chai market, it is on Pattayay Tai (south), but we went in to the back of it on the Soi that is opposite Soi Diamond on Second Road, the downside of this is you have to walk through the 'smelly' bit of the market, the smell of dried fish and squid is always there, the good news is that most foreigners do not so you see the food stalls the local population buy from, it is always wet under foot due to the ice that keeps the food fresh always melting, so do not wear good shoes,
lots of fresh everything here,
eventually we arrive at the front of the market where the fruit stalls are,
we were taken with these huge mangoes on the right, a bit expensive at 95 baht, but as there were no local strawberries we thought we would try one for this evening,
and a few of the normal sized ones as well, this fresh fruit every day should be doing us some good!
an unusually quite Pattaya Tai, but it was a public holiday today,
lots of Songkran shirts and water pistols for sale,
although it appears the strawberry season is finished the durian season is in top gear,
next stop, the fish shop, we wanted to buy a few fish to replace some of the ones that had gone to the big fish bowl in the sky, also to buy a gravel cleaner as the gravel in the aquariums was getting a bit dirty,
Diana with a 38,000 baht Arowana, after a while it went down to 35,000, bargain!
then me at home cleaning the gravel, waste water in the bin for the garden,
business end of the gravel cleaner,
now the easy part, topping the aquarium up again, slight problem we ran out of water later in the evening!
by now it was time to eat so down to the soup stalls, this is the back of it,
and the front,
instead of watching the near misses as usual at the traffic lights as bikes and cars race to beat the countdown whilst we waited for our soup to be prepared, we took a stroll to have a look at the new plant shop that had open a week or so ago,
it was not huge, but had a nice selection, or I should say variety of plants for sale,
Diana was taken with these, some are begonias, the small ones at the front I am not sure of,
and it was one of the small ones at the front that came home with us, 50 baht,
another type of orchid,
lots of small flowers, I had not seen this type before, priced at 380 baht,
there were many of the usual ones available,
some Bromeliads, pineapples are members of this 2,000 strong group,
and of course some garden or patio water features,
also there was a speaker shop, remember out here there is loud, louder and loudest, it goes without saying loudest is best!
when we arrived home the fish were so happy with their newly cleaned aquarium,
after our soup Diana prepared the huge mango, it was in truth a bit sour, although it felt soft another few days might have made a difference,
although we have both seen it before a trip to Jurassic Park, 1993 was on the cards for this evening,
in fact we enjoyed it so much we had to go back for a second trip to The Lost World: Jurassic Park, 1997 a really superb boys own adventure, then Mr. Sleep paid us a call and it was off to bed.

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