Thursday, 3 May 2018

A Few Days Ago,

I mentioned that we listen to the Music of Simon and Garfunkel,

 another of their songs was this one, dedicate to the man that was involved in the biggest mass murder that Wisconsin has ever known, the Taliesin massacre, and the man above?

 you may well of heard of, the famous architect Frank Lloyd Wright, above one of his mysterious, pre-Colombian-inspired houses built in California in the early 1920s,

and the finished house, the story goes that the couple’s cook, a man named Julian Carlton, started lingering in front of their window with a butcher knife (repeatedly). On August 15th, 1914, he was given his notice — but he wasn’t done with Wright and his entourage. That afternoon, Carlton drenched the house in gasoline and broke in to kill Wright and his entourage during lunch. He set fire to the home and murdered seven persons with an ax, including Mamah, Wright's 'wife' and her two children, for a full read of this tragic event have a look here, it is a mug of coffee read.

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