Tuesday, 1 May 2018

I Always Look At Ladybugs,

as a gardeners friend,

 but you can have too much of a good thing, this unusual sight was recently reported by wildlife photographer Steve Chapple, who posted several photos and a video of it on his Facebook page, millions upon millions of Ladybugs, in some places 4 or 5 inches deep, the ladybirds are massing under a remote radio tower near Mount Burr in South Australia, with the location also attracting visitors keen to see the unusual sight,

"I’ve always been astounded by the numbers out there but this year was just phenomenal," Chapple said. "They’re there all day. They swarm during the middle of the day and then they land back in the crevices, the cracks, the pipes during the dark. This is the thickest I’ve ever seen them." as for the reason why so many ladybugs are meeting at a radio tower in the middle of nowhere, experts say it’s hard to tell, University of Adelaide professor Andy Austin has two theories, “Two likely reasons are they are mating aggregations that attract beetles to one spot, essentially to make it easier to find a mate,” he told ABC, “The second possible reason is that it is for protection against predators, particularly birds.” millions of Ladybugs in one place, how absolutely amazing! 

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