Thursday, 10 May 2018

Not That I Advise Doing It,

but if you are going to be a thief,

have some sort of disguise, a false beard, moustache or wig, you get the idea, well this 23-year-old man accused of stealing a woman’s purse at a local train station took the disguise a bit too far, the young Russian thief covered his face with green paint to make himself harder to recognize by potential witnesses, as you might imagine, the thief, still walking around with his face painted green was soon apprehended, in fact, the young thief was caught so fast that he didn’t even have time to get rid of the purse, so all of the victim’s belongings were returned to her,

the strangest part of this story is that during questioning, the 23-year-old thief told police that he had intentionally smeared green paint on his face to make himself harder to recognize, note to thief, next time try the traditional masks, or even socks with eye holes cut into them, anything that conceals the face but is also easy to get rid of, paint, unfortunately, doesn’t work very well, at least it is difficult to remove quickly, the green-faced thief was charged with petty theft and is facing jail time.

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