Wednesday, 9 May 2018

Skillful Or Lucky?

is the question,

Wallace Leatherwood , is a beekeeper from North Carolina, Last Tuesday, Wallace bought about 18,000 bees from Wild Mountain Bees in Weaverville, and put them in the back of his truck, but before driving back home to Waynesville, he went to look at a job and then stopped at a local diner to get some lunch. Because he didn’t have anywhere shady to put the bees, he grabbed three of the boxes from the bed of his truck and moved them into the cabin, 

only Wallace didn’t notice that one of them wasn’t as securely closed as he had thought, so when he came back from the restaurant, he found the cabin crawling with around 3,000 bees, me I would panic and somehow get them out of the cab, but not Wallace, cool as a cucumber he drove 40 miles to his home with thousands of bees loose in the cabin of his truck, and didn’t get a single sting, “I didn’t have any shady place to sit them,” Wallace told local news station WLOS-13, “When I came out, [one of the boxes] was black with bees, and there were bees everywhere. I thought, ‘well, I don’t know what to do, I didn’t want to lose my bees, they were $165 (£122) per box,” the beekeeper added, so was it luck or skill that meant he was not stung by a single bee on the journey?

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