Wednesday, 2 May 2018

We Often Feature Street Art,

but here is a slightly different take, 

 transformer art, 

 German transformer stations display artistic paint jobs that beautify their surroundings while discouraging graffiti artists, “Transformatorenstation” is German for “transformer stations”, formerly known as “substations” before the advent of large electric power plants altered their prime function to be power distribution stations, 

 while this practice is cheaper, the stations are extremely alluring to graffiti artists due to their being “blank canvases” in public view, thus, locally sponsored initiatives that enlist artists to paint the stations save money in the long run, as less funds need to be expended on graffiti removal,

 this “trafostation” (to use the German short form) celebrates amongst others the long maritime tradition in the Baltic Sea port city of Rostock, 

thanks to Flickr members Patrick in July of 2014 and Victor Valore (PowerSubShot) in February of 2018, and Wismar-based artist Christian Pursch of TEML-Designs, I wonder if we will see more of these in other country’s?

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