Thursday, 3 May 2018

We Started The Day,

in McDonald's,

for a change, then back home for a quiet day, as in the evening we were out,

 so it was glad rags on,

 and we were off to Siam@Siam, which is on Second Road,

with it's views across the bay

 as we walk to one of the other view points we noticed some uninvited guests, a number of swallows had made nests here,

 looking towards Bali Hai pier,

Diana looking as beautiful as ever,

Third Road,

the Hotel is situated on the seaside of Third road, just past this venue on the other side of the road,

the Alcazar cabaret show,

across the bay some of the floating restaurants,

and below us Beach Road looking towards Walking Street,

one more of Diana,

then it was my turn to sit down,

we made our way into Big Fish seafood buffet,

and there was plenty of it,

and not only seafood,

there was beef, pork, lamb and chicken all waiting to be cooked,

as well as,

numerous cooked dishes,

also cold cuts, 
and deep fried specialities,

 on to desserts,

 again a great selection,

and a chocolate waterfall,

we had a table by the window,

in this section of the restaurant,

a candle lite dinner for 2, what could be more romantic?

so off for starters,

I started with the sushi selection,

then added cold cuts, diced ham salad, smoked salmon, 3 different cheeses and cheese biscuits,

well I was hungry and everything looked so nice,

Diana chose some Thai food and some deep fried titbits,

next course,


I normally give cabs a miss, as they are a bit fiddly, I hate food that fights back! but these were so big I had a couple,

for Diana chicken and rock lobsters,

for my main course, rock lobsters, prawns, salmon, lamb and mussels,

on to deserts,

we both chose a selection, for myself crème brûlée is a favorite,
we arrived at about 6.30 in the evening,

but by the time we had finished we were the only dinners here,

it was late, 

and we had the singer all to ourselves, strangely enough we have mentioned the duo before, Simon and Garfunkel, and that was what the singer sang all evening,

the buffet is 700 baht with no drinks,

in my case 990 baht, with unlimited wine, which for us is great value, many restaurants charge 1,000 baht or more for a bottle, here we pay that for more than a bottle, with the meal thrown in free! if you see what I mean,

a last pose before we head home, 

then feet up for a nightcap as we watched Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, which we had never watched before, and was surprised at how enjoyable it was, and with that we were off to bed.

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