Friday, 4 May 2018

We Started,

at McDonald's,


 I am guessing KFC tomorrow!

 when we returned home, 

 we were welcomed with 2 Amaryllis in flower, almost looking like starburst fireworks,

 next stop TukCom, the wash spray head in the bathroom had started to leak, 

 so we parked opposite The Grand Day/Night Hotel and walked down, 

 taking a few pictures of some of the stalls on the way,

 if you are hungry,

 there are so many to chose from,

 I keep saying I will try some,

 but never seem to get round to trying the sweetcorn that is multi coloured,

 and this is where I was headed, on the third or fourth floor of TukCom, 

 it is a huge DIY store, and when I say huge I have never been in anything like it in my life, we also wanted a length of outdoor hose and a spray head to water the cactus on the other side of the building,

returning home and here was our problem for the past few weeks, the house water pump, 

 which was becoming more and more unreliable, so we ordered a new one to be fitted tomorrow morning from a local builders store, 

 if you are ever in Thailand and see one of these, the chances are that there is a fair nearby, 

 and that was the case as in the school playground opposite the Wat Chai temple on Pattaya Tai,

 there was indeed a fair, 

 with lots of shops,

 with clothes for sale, 

 as well as many food,

 and drinks stalls,

 I am not sure what this is, perhaps some type of tea? 

 blue is the colour,

 we made our way along a few more shoe and clothes stalls,

 this one selling different coloured neck rests for bus and aircraft travel,

 and a cute line in yellow duck slippers,

 handbags galore,

 next we entered another food section,

 the choice was almost endless,

 as well as all of these stalls,

 there was a large undercover eating area,

 you just chose your selection than made your way to the tables,

 the open ground had all of the sports and rides on it, this one a shooting gallery where you could win small toys, 

 or here,

 catch a few fish,

 to take home,

 one of the rides, this one featuring elephants,

 the Ferris wheel,

 a choo-choo train,

 and of course a merry-go-round,

 looking back to the food stalls, 

 we made our way back into the food section, now that is a big frying pan!


 food on a stick,

 this interested me, 

 grape seaweed, (Caulerpa lentillifera), although technically is is an algae, back in the UK we sell this to marine aquarists to grow in their marine aquariums,

 but here it is sold as food, I have to say I tried some many years ago in the Philippines, I did not like it at all, but it appears the seaweed is remarkably good for you

 a last look at the shoes, 

 and we were on our way to another food market, 

 this one on the corner of Third Road and Soi 17,

 where again,

 there are lots of food stall, like this one,

 the sign above it,

 but this was the stall we wanted,

 where soup is the dish the stall holder sells, 

but not just any soup, this is the chicken feet soup stall, delicious!

and this is the front of it if you want to try this delicacy, 

after our evening meal it was feet up for a few quiz shows then the start of The Frankenstein Chronicles, we had watched the first episode some time before, but we watched it again, and continued watching the first 4 episodes, it was so good! by now it was really late, so for us we were off to bed.

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