Saturday, 8 August 2015

It Looked Like A Practical Joke,

when driver Tyrone Covell showed up to collect a slightly overfilled bin,

Melissa Hodges, marketing manager at hire fire GD Environmental, said it was the strangest collection the company had ever seen, Ms Hodges said the skip was booked by a male customer in Newport who asked for a list of banned items before confirming his booking, 'they asked about what they could and couldn’t put in the skip and I sent them over the list but of course we didn’t say you can’t put a caravan in there as it’s blatantly obvious you can’t put a caravan in a skip',

but it appears you can, the customer was informed it had to be broken up and fitted inside the skip, which they did and it all ended up well, but it begs the question, how many people did it take to lift the caravan on to the skip?

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