Friday, 28 August 2015

It Seems Almost Weekly,

that another new electric bike/scooter hits the streets,

 and here is another one, the MOVEO Foldable Electric Scooter, 

 basically it does what it says on the package, it goes, stops, folds and is easily transportable, so why feature this one?

for me two reasons, firstly it is 2 wheel drive, which must make for a safer journey in adverse driving conditions and secondly the backrest for the seat, it is removed when the scooter is folded and is in fact a backpack, somewhere to store your laptop and notes, or in my day thermos flask and sandwiches,

here is the video and a brief history of the company taken from their website, 'Moveo Co. was established in 2008 by Antro Nonprofit Ltd, whose professional background provided the basis for the development of the MOVEO scooter, since the founder had already been working on the development of the SOLO multi-hybrid drive concept car, that was internationally presented in the Paris Motor Show in 2008 and got several prizes and recognitions since than (50 Best Innovations by Time Magazine in 2010, Hungarian Design Award in 2011) from 2001,' I could not find a price for the scooter as I guess this is a pre-production model, but in any case usual disclaimer, I am not on commission!

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