Tuesday, 5 June 2018

After My Exercises And Breakfast,

we started the day downstairs,

 with a dip in the pool,

 rather conveniently, 

 it is just a few steps from our room,

 so in for a splash, 

 then it was my turn with the camera, 

 to take a few pictures,

 in the afternoon Mark called round for a tea and a chat,

 then we were out on to Jomtien Beach Road for a strole,

 where we noticed the Harry Potter car, a Ford Anglia,

 we decided to look at restaurants along the way, this an all you can eat seafood restaurant, we might be calling in there some time soon!

 along the pavement,

 so many shops,

 and stalls selling food to go,

 and some with tables beside them,

 we passed the Surf Kitchen, which we were surprised by, it was packed to capacity, normally in the daytime when we go to immigration, we almost have the place to ourselves,

 and this is where we were heading,

 for the first time for us,

 we were going to the J T Night Market, on Jomtien Beach Road,

 not easy to miss with its windmill and sheep,

 we made our way inside,

 where there were so many food stalls,

 it was almost beyond belief,


 and fish seemed to be the favorites,

 but there were lots of other choices,

 like sliced duck, yummy!

 then back to the fish,

 and seafood stalls, there were three or four aisles of them,

 then the dry goods, the owner of this stall,

 anxious to have his picture taken,

 there were all manner, 

 of goods for sale, 

 at the end of the aisle, this hotel put on a light display, 

and here is a short video of it, 

 we then started,

 our walk back towards the beach road,

 a look through the aisles to the next one,

 and another walk back to the end of the food stalls,

 and past the sushi stall, 

 as we approached the hotel again,

 we turned around,

 and made our way past the arts and crafts stalls,

 this one with paintings on black velvet,

 everything from an elephant,

 to a dragon,

 this was thirsty work,

 so time for a beer or two, 

 whilst I chilled out, Diana went food shopping,

 for some pad tai,

we then said our farewells to the market, I am sure we will be back soon,

arriving home it was feet up for the next in the Terminator series, Terminator 2: Judgment Day (1991), and with the end of that we were off to bed.

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