Thursday, 21 June 2018

You Might Wonder,

what is in these bags,

 that are left hanging in the street, the answer might surprise you, money!

 shoppers in the town of Eibenthal,which is an idyllic village nestled in the Banatului Mountains of Western Romania, lost its local shop, so a van from a neighbouring village calls into town, the driver looks at the note left in the bag, takes money for the bread or whatever else is ordered, leaves the change and goes onto the next cluster of bags in the street, 

yes the village of Eibenthal is one of the few places in the world where there is no crime, in over 20 years, no one has ever reported any money or bread missing, “The car delivering bread comes every two days and I buy 4-5 loaves, I put the exact amount in the bag or I leave a note with how many loaves I want and the driver leaves the change,” a 75-year-old Eibenthal resident told Euronews, “We’ve never had problems, not at all, I’ve never heard of money or bread disappearing.” “I leave the bag there and I go to work on the field and in the evening, when I come back, I find the bread and the change,” another person said, and it’s not just about the way people buy bread in Eibenthal, locals also respect each other’s property and never set foot in each other’s yards without permission, 

although the video is not in English, it gives a great look around this remarkable villiage, “There is no stealing in this village,” local priest Vaclav Masek told Romanian newspaper Adevarul, I have various useful things in my garage, and it’s open all the time, but nothing has ever been stolen, Eibenthal is the most civilized of all ethnic Czech villages, in the 13 years I’ve been priest here, I have never heard of any theft taking place, we all know each other here and we were raised in such a way that we know if we need something from somebody, to ask, not to steal,” Eibenthal mayor Victor Doscocil told Euronews, “For the moment we are happy we don’t have bad behavior.” what a great place to live.

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