Saturday, 16 June 2018

Mark Called Round In The Afternoon,

for a tea and a chat,

 after he left we were then off to the Friday night weekend market on Thepprasit Road, as we are now on the 10 baht bus route we took that, so I alighted at the start of the market instead of the usual halfway through it when on the motorcycle,

 it waited to rain just before we left the condo, so we arrived dry by using the baht bus,

 and nearly stayed that way by ducking under the awnings,

 it was like tent city,

 but the rain did not stop the sale of ice creams,

 although early as it was dark many of the stalls already had their lights on,

 looking towards Jomtien where I normally stand the sky looking very grey,

 looking towards the motorcycle park we normally use,

 and inland, it was still raining,

 and I forgot to dry the lens, 

 opposite the bar this evening a stall selling towels and bathroom mats, and one selling clothes dwarfed by the new steelworks,

 which has come on a pace since our last visit 2 weeks ago,

 the crash barriers now complete on this side,

 the fruit stall open as usual,

 as was the juice stall,

 I decided to take a walk inside as it was still raining, 

 and have a look at some of the take home foods on offer, 

 roasted duck,

 and crispy pork,

 Diana bought some of the pork for our evening meal,

 pineapples have dropped in price, at 10 baht each, that is 4 for a £1 or $1.33,

 I continued through the aisles,

 fruit stacked high,

 fish being bar-b-qued,

 and the colourful sushi stall,

 the sign says it all, ribs with honey,

 and some of theses will find their way home with us this evening,

   still more to chose from,

as I left the covered area, I noticed this colourful stall,

 I made my way down the hill, passing this stall which always smells so pleasant, selling soaps and room fresheners,

 at the end of the pet section, I could see that some of it was cordoned off,

 past the pet food stall,

 and not quite at the end of the aisle, some steps were being cast,

 and just past them the aquatic stall,

 sunset, or I should say rain clouds over the market,

 I made my way back towards the Thepprasit Road,

 looking along one of the covered aisles,

 at the front of the market the newly completed steelworks,

 a bright stall in the row,

 as it was raining, not a single customer in the bar,

 looking inland grey skies,

 the good news when covered with concrete there will no longer be a use for all of these awnings, 

  we caught the 10 baht bus back, looking at the Pattaya Tower as we made our way home,

and here we were, eyes down to crispy pork and ribs, then feet up for a couple from the Hammer box, 

firstly Frankenstein Created Woman, a typical 1967 horror movie from the famous Hammer House of Horror, we then watched another,

Quatermass and the Pit, retitled, Five Million Years to Earth, also 1967, it must have been a busy year for Hammer! and with the end of that, we were off to bed.

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