Friday, 29 June 2018

I Missed It!

an event which took place on June 16,

 the 12th annual World Chabudai-Gaeshi Tournament, in a shopping mall in Japan’s Iwata, it is an offbeat competition where participants try to flip a small tea table, the goal is to flip the small wooden tea table as hard as possible to send the fake food on top of it flying as far as possible,

 in fact, the winner is judged not by how far they flip the table, but how far a plastic fish set on top of it travels, and this year’s winner was, a member of the Iwate Big Bulls basketball team, channelled the love for his team, yelling “Go Big Bulls!” and sending the plastic fish flying 8.29 meters,

the contest was inspired by the Japanese phrase “chabudai gaeshi” which literally means “upending the tea table” in anger or frustration, and is used to figuratively describe an outburst and upheaval, there is even a popular arcade video game based on the popular phrase, and I missed it!

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