Wednesday, 6 June 2018

We Do Get A Few Storms,

on the South Coast of England,

 and photographer Rachael Talibart as a child would  sit on a deck near her family’s home on the South Coast of England and imagine the mythical creatures that would form and instantly evaporate inside the crashing waves,

 as she grew older she studied the sea monsters described in Homer’s Odyssey and used this education to fuel her current series, Sirens,

 instead of merely capturing the haphazard way waves might form during violent storms, 

 Talibart uses a fast shutter piece to freeze the water into sculptural shapes that appear like gods or monsters rising out of the sea,

 if you let your imagination run it can look as if a monster is truly locked in the tumultuous sea. “For me, the ocean will always be a potent source of inspiration,” Talibart explains, “It makes small, unimportant things of us all yet, at the same time, it is exhilarating and profoundly life affirming.” 

 the series has shifted and evolved since its start in 2016, including the creation of a fine art book by the same title published by Triplekite

Her solo exhibition Tides + Falls will open at Sohn Fine Art Gallery in Lenox, Massachusetts on September 7 and run through November 11, 2018, You can see more examples from her Sirens portfolio on Instagram, and no I am not on commission, I just like the photographs, and can can hardly believe they were taken in good o'le Blighty,

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