Thursday, 14 June 2018

We Decided To Spend The Day By The Pool,

and conveniently we were right next to it,

 so a day reading,

was in order, 

 and splashing around,

 which we both really enjoyed, 

plus a snack at the poolside in the restaurant,

 then in the evening, it was glad rags on, 

 and we were off to The George,

 for a very special occasion,

 it was a welcome home and birthday party for Ian, 

 so it was time to open presents, 

 this one from Mr. Tony a shirt, 

 Ian and George had very kindly laid food on,

 a selection of hot and cold dishes,


 we all had so much to eat,

 then the entertainment started, the musician was exceptionally good, 

 then a break,

 it was time for the cake,

 with a few lighted candles, 

 I will not tell you how many,

 but way under my 68!

 lights out,

 a big blow,

 and a birthday wish, 

 and naturally a song to celebrate, 

 and a thank you speech,

 and then the birthday cake, we all had a fabulous time, after thanking George and Ian we made a move for home,

 Mr.Tony kindly dropped up off, and after saying our farewells we had a walk along the seafront, 

 which was,

 remarkably quiet, arriving home it was one episode of Sherlock, and then for us we were off to bed.

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