Monday, 25 June 2018

I Have Heard Of Many Collecting Hobbies,

stamps for instance that I enjoy myself,

 but this is a new one on me, 

the hobby of an Arenophile (also called Psammophile), is someone who collects sand samples,

 the interest of the hobby lying in the variety of texture, colour, mineralogy and location of the sand samples,

 we did make a post about sand art some time ago, but this was using sand to make pictures in bottles, 

 the hobby of a Arenophile however is just to collect the sand, 

so next time you go to the coast, or a little less likely the dessert, take a few plastic bags with and start collecting, if such a practise is allowed in your region/state/country, for a good look at this literally world wide hobby have a look here where these pictures came from.

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