Saturday, 16 June 2018

I Have Often Heard,

of the term,

 raining cats and dogs, but I have never heard of the phrase, 'it's raining squid and starfish', until today,

 but that is what happeneed, last Wednesday in the Chinese coastal city of Qingdao, in China’s Shandong province, the city was hit by a severe storm that brought down trees and large sign posts, flooded the streets and brought traffic to a stand-still, but there was a particular phenomenon that captured the attention of motorists in the city during Wednesday’s storm,

 various sea creatures started falling from the sky, the incredible pictures posted on China’s micro blogging platform Weibo show octopuses flying through the air, and starfish, shrimp and various shellfish fallen on people’s windshields, meteorologists said that the creatures must have been sucked from the sea by a waterspout and blown all the way to shore by the strong winds, the story from Insight, I wonder if anyone had a roadside barby!

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