Friday, 8 June 2018

We Decided To Go To The Beach,

it was just a short walk, 

 past this hotel,

 and we were on to a very quiet, 

 Dongtan Beach Road,

 we walked to wards the Rabbit Resort,

 nearly there,

 not far now, the road is empty of traffic from morning until late afternoon,

and here we are,

 at the resort, not that we are staying there it was just a place to walk to, 

 we actually retraced our steps a little, to this area of loungers,

 I walked towards the sea, to take a few pictures, looking towards Jomtien,

 and towards Pattaya,

 there were a number of places to sit, 

 some, like this one, with free wi-fi, 

 a couple of herons came down to the waterline looking for a meal, 

 the sea in-front of the loungers is cordoned off with floating jetties, to keep jet skies and other motorised craft away from bathers, but they do have another use, if you look at the center of this picture,

 there is a chap sitting on one,

fishing, I wonder if he had any luck? late in the afternoon we made a move for home,

after our evening meal it was feet up for the start of The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, then back to another detective,

Columbo, we watched a couple of episodes of his sleuthing, then for us we were off to bed.

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