Monday, 4 June 2018

If You Are Buying A Lot Of LED Bulbs,

that do not seem to last for 10 years as claimed,

below is an article that might explain why, and yes the bulb will last for 10 years, if you only use it 3 hours a day! so if you look at the math, it is rated for "11,000 hours of life," or "10 years."  that calculates to 1100 hours = 1 year, or an average usage of 3 hours per day, other sources online use the same standard "Estimated yearly energy costs assume 3 hours of daily use." apparently that is an industry standard, which for me I find rather sneaky, in real life most offices and homes would certainly in the real world have the bulbs alight for at least double or in many cases treble that, it is almost like a car manufacture advertising the one of its cars, say a 5 liter gas guzzling V8 will do 500 miles on a gallon of petrol, and then finding in the small print, something like the get out, 'test were performed with 99% of the test track going downhill, with the car out of gear, the engine just ticking over, 1% of the test track on level ground ' well you get the idea, so if you have a home or office where the bulbs are on about 15 hours/day, the 9.1 years projected life at 3 hours/day would translate to 22 months of usage, not 10 years!

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