Wednesday, 13 June 2018

As You Look At These Pictures,

try to work out what is happening,

 the kit arrives at the train station in Eindhoven,

and with a bit of help from a friend, is assembled,

 is converted into this, but what is it? 

 and what does it do?

well this is it at work, 

it is of course a Cyclo Knitter, which is a bicycle-based machine by design student George Barratt-Jones, the machine is made from a simple combination of wood and bike parts, and allows one to knit a scarf through light exercise, Barratt-Jones came up with the idea one day while waiting for the train in Eindhoven, His invention allows other riders to stay warm while passing time on the platform, and step away with a winter accessory, once the idea catches on I can see lines of commutators with balls of wool on their hands waiting to knit a scarf, not much of an excuse if you miss your train though, 'sorry I am late, I missed my train, the guy in front of me was a slow knitter!'.

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