Saturday, 9 June 2018

First Thing,

it was raining,

 but things had to be done, I dropped Diana off in town and made my way to Jack Levy's,

 to let him know we had moved, it was pouring with rain, that did not look good for this evening,

 as it was the International firework display tonight,

 but all was well,

 the rain had stopped,

 and so had the traffic on Second Road,

 so we jumped off of the baht bus and walked,

 passed this lady,

 selling these strange balloons, that appeared to have neon lights inside of them,

 we then walked to Beach Road through the Central Festival,

 where I noticed this strange ramp,

 just the thing for someone not paying attention whilst on their mobile telephone, to walk off of!

 Beach Road was closed to traffic,

 so it was time for us to take over,

 looking back to Central,

 and now on to the beach,

 where a little liquid refreshment was in order,

 just a shame,

 that deckchair, along with loungers where we were not available,

 sitting on the sand my bum was a bit sore after a few hours to say the least,

 still the good news was that food sellers were allowed,  

 a quick look at the floating restaurants,

 I have to admit we have not been to one for a long time,

 then the show began, 

 and what a show,

 the barges in the bay, 

 lit up the night sky,

 with their,

 pyrotechnic glow,

 the show was nonstop as fiery sparks fell from the sky,

 then a new treat,

 as love hearts filled the sky, 

 then the crescendo,

 as a multitude of fireworks, 

 was let lose, we watched 2 shows, but I am guessing,
 that there were 5 or 6 more shows from different countries, but it was so uncomfortable sitting on the sand we made a move, 

but here is a video of the first show,

and this is one of the second,

 by now we were hungry, so off to Ali Baba,

 for an Indian meal,

 first poppadoms,

 followed by,

 mint chicken chita chat

 next an all time favorite,

 prawn puri,

 which we shared, 

 on to our main course, peas pulao rice, chicken tikka masala, and chicken dansk, 

the Aladdin's cave, well it looked like it, the bill with a few glasses of wine was under 2,000 baht and we were both full to bursting, next a Grab taxi home, this will be the only post today as we are up early for a special treat tomorrow, so after that, feet up and we were off to bed.

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