Tuesday, 19 June 2018

There Are Some Sports,

where players can have a physical advantage over opponents,

take basket ball, a great advantage if you are say 6-foot-11 (2.11 meters) tall, being that high has a few advantages, you can shoot the ball without any of your opponents even coming close to a block, but and can literally slam dunk on the 8-foot-tall basket without your feet leaving the ground, too good to be true? not if you are12 year old Olivier Rioux, he plays for the Frenchy Phenoms, as you might imagine, a formidable team! 

He can shoot whenever he wants, he’s literally always open for passes and as long as he’s close enough to his opponents, he can block any of their passes or shots, to say this Canadian 12-year-old is head and shoulders above his competition would be a pretty fair assessment, so what to do? make him play against 7-feet-tall adults, remember he is only a 12 year old kid, or create a special league just for “unusually tall kids” just so all the other kids don’t feel cheated? A tricky one for you to decided.

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