Monday, 11 June 2018

This Is Something,

you definitely do not want to do at home,

a full body burn, I mean what could possibly go wrong? especially when there are 32 full body burns about to take place in a line, last month, 32 professional stunt people gathered in Cape Town, South Africa, and were all set on fire simultaneously, that broke the record for the most people performing full-body burns, the rules for this record said they had to remain on fire for 30 seconds, organisers promoted the event as "some fun." crikey I would hate to see what not having fun looked like! the fire-proof costumes and gel used were thoroughly tested before the official attempt and every person was shadowed by someone who monitored their safety and health both during and after the challenge, the Guinness World Records attempt made for an impressive spectacle though, as the 32 flaming participants walked together in a line, lighting up the sky, once they were finished, they fell to the floor to be extinguished by their helper, prior to this, the record for the Most people performing full body burns stood at 21 and was achieved during an event at the Hotcards Burn in Cleveland, Ohio, USA on 19 October 2013, the event was organised by Paradigm Shift Special Effects, which employs the stunt men and women, as far as I am aware the stunt resulting in no injuries, thankfully, I think I will stick with watching, rather than doing!

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